Storyboarding With Purpose


Get the step-by-step storyboarding process for turning your creative ideas into an enriched, immersive, fantasy novels readers adore for years to come.

You’re a visual learner with an entire world in your mind…

All you need is a system that will help you pre-visualize your world, so it’s easier to:

  • Craft a magic system that makes sense and readers find unique
  • Get creative with developing engaging, cultured, 3-dimensional characters
  • Build an enriched fantasy world that can rival Narnia and Middle Earth
  • Outline your novel, with a visual of the scenes and sequences
  • Kick writer’s block to the curb and defeat any writing resistance

It’s possible to bring the world in your mind to life on the blank page

All you need is the visual process that will help you bring those creative ideals from your mind into the world.


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